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Got a question about driveway gates? Here you can read some professional answers to frequently asked questions about maintenance, installation, and general care for these systems. Scroll down to read them.

How wide should my driveway be for a sliding gate?

Sliding gates can be made in a variety of sizes, from a mere 3 meter width to a whopping 20 (typically for heavy industrial use or for transportation centers). What’s most important is that you have an empty space of at least equal length next to the driveway (or half the length on both sides, for a double-paneled style), to make room for this type of system to open. If you don’t have that space available next to your driveway, a swing gate may be the alternative you need to get.

Why is my driveway gate not closing fully?

There are several malfunctions that could cause a gate to not close all the way. A jam or breakage in the hinges, tracks, or other moving parts could prevent it from moving all the way into the closed position. A problem with the safety systems could also be causing your opener to think there’s something in the way when there actually isn’t. If you're not sure what the problem is, or how to resolve it, get in touch with our team to have our technicians take a look.

What does electric gate troubleshooting entail?

If a gate isn’t opening, the first place to look for a problem is in the radio transmission system that sends commands from the remote control to the opener. If that isn’t it, the next step is to check the gate mechanism, safety sensors, and the wiring that keeps the opener powered up and connected. If the problem still can’t be found, it’s time to look inside the opener itself. Better have a professional help you with that so you don't get hurt or accidentally damage something.

What are some automatic sliding gate design options?

The two main options for this type of system are tracked and cantilever systems. A tracked sliding gate has a groove or track going across the driveway that it moves along on a set of wheels or rollers. A cantilever gate never touches the pavement, and is instead pulled along a set of aboveground tracks on the inside of the fence. Sliding gate openers pull their doors open with a chain or belt. Of course, there are all sorts of different models available, and different materials can be used, so if you're planning on getting one, you'd best consult with an expert.


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